Who Knows Where It Ends

by Ryan Lee Williams

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This is Ryan's seventh album. It was written throughout 2013 and recorded in New Orleans in late October, 2013.


released November 2, 2013

All songs written and performed by Ryan Williams except track 10, written by Cary Ann Hearst. Mastered by Justin LeCuyer. Cover photo by Ashley Hooper. Cover art by Stephen Goodman.




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Ryan Lee Williams New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: Lorelei
Lorelei, where are you hiding?

I know you snuck in through a dream

Just because I can't remember when I wake up

Don't assume that you haven't been seen

Your whispers dance light 'round my pillow
The music it stops when I stir

with the feeling that someone's been here all along

but things no longer are as they were

When I left you alone in the moonlight

with the ecstasy drained from my soul

All the longing lay buried in grief-stained release

left to rot for what can be controlled

Now will you wait for me in desolate water

where reflections, they only confuse

If I avert my course, could I avoid the chance

of crashing my boat into you?

I'm waiting, eyes open, for you, Lorelei

Don't you think that you'll trick me once more

I've given up sailing, I'm given up sleep

my eyes are now transfixed on the door

Lorelei, I don't know how you got in here

I thought I had barred shut my dreams

I can't tell the difference now when I wake up

and now you are all that I see.
Track Name: Moment of Refuge
All the times that I've awoken
not yet knowing what was real
Possibilities for seconds
try to grasp as they are sealed

Now I stare at them through minutes
their wrapping gorgeous, but opaque
I know that beauty lies beneath it
Beauty now lies in its way

So many worlds have faded from me
they'd been right in front of my eyes
I spend so much time discerning patterns
but come to find that I am blind

When the shapes have turned to scribbles
where the words spelled out the path
All the memories step forward
drawing future from the past

Now I find refuge in the seconds
I can't hold before they're sealed
They hold space between the darkness
and the light where wounds won't heal

In eternities immobile
feeling paralyzed again
I awaken to a moment
in motion, as I've always been
Track Name: A Little Rain Hasn't Killed Me Yet
Where I'm going
I cannot see
I got my eyes wide open
but time just blindsides me

I don't get no warning
My path is clear
All a sudden it's storming
and shelter ain't nowhere near

Well, now you come to tell me
just what I need
You say you look into my future
and you don't like what you see

Well, friend I don't blame you
but go on your way
I never trust no one with the answer
and I ain't gonna start today

I been reckless, I been wrong
I been everywhere I don't belong
I been a recluse, a hideaway
just counting time, trying to kill the day

But now all that matters
is that the path I've gone
has led me where I am
I've seen it happening all along

So when it starts to pouring
and I'm soaking wet
I'll just keep walking on my way
A little rain hasn't killed me yet

And when the time surrounds me
and I think I'm trapped
I'm gonna push my way through it
and I ain't gonna look back
Track Name: If You Give It Time Enough
Oh, it ain't no shame, my darling, if there's worries on your mind
We'd be no good without them, drifting carelessly through time
But if I can help you ease them, won't you just give me a try
We can pull this load together, won't you set 'em right down next to mine

Don't you think that you can't make it with that heavy load you pull
Take a little out your pack, put it in mine, oh it ain't full
We could float it down the river, let the current take control
And if we find ourselves too far away from shore, we'll break the paddles out and row

It just ain't wrong to be unsure, doubts filling up your lungs
feeling like you can't breathe, choking on songs you left unsung
When the notes just weren't perfect and the words were a little rough
did you throw it all out and never hear the beauty that shows if you give it time enough?

Well, I know I act a bit hasty, love, when I'm planning out my path
I leave so much to the roll of the dice, take its grace along with its wrath
But I must have done something right 'cause now I'm walking along with you
Oh, and you can be sure I'll do all I can do to see this whole thing through
Track Name: Time Travels Strangely
Well, you say you miss me baby
You can't wait 'til I get home
You're counting down the days
'til you're no longer alone

Well, darling, time it travels strangely
What seems so long will soon be gone
Before you know it, I'll be with you
lying tightly in your arms

Well, I have waited such a long time
Never thought I'd see the day
when you told me that you loved me
told me that you're here to stay

But the years, they work upon you
and though you may try to deny
what once seemed so scary
is now the thing you can't hide

So just be patient dear, I'll be home soon
Just give it a little time
You know I miss you, darling
I can't get you off of my mind
But we've already waited this long
won't you give it a little more
Before you know, you'll be seeing my smiling face
just walking through your door

So just remember that I love you
Right with you I'm gonna stay
The years have been hard on me
They're giving me a break today

Don't you think that I'll forget soon
how I longed to feel your touch
I ain't taking you for granted, darling
That you can trust
Track Name: Shit Moves Around
In impossible stitches that just happen to be
a twist stretches just long enough to be seen
Now it holds what old patterns can't find

When the light blinds the darkness and its own eyes go black
and it tumbles in cycles and it can't be turned back
it ain't easy to tell when it's time

On a point on a plane where you stand everyday
On a point on a plane you've tried hard to escape
At this point in the same place you felt so much pain
you stand dumbstruck in an instant of change

In suspenseful transmissions you register symbols
How they've evolved through the years now to signal
this isn't the same place you stood, it's not that simple
It stays hidden 'til things rearrange

Now new lines have squeezed through and made space as they passed
and you filled 'em best you could and you never looked back
and you hoped that it wasn't too much

Could you go on believing that it'd turn out alright
Trust that each step needs taken and only hindsight
can reveal the finishing touch

Now time stands at your doorstep and it can not be seen
It just beckons you outside to see what it needs
When you find it needs nothing, you know that it means
it holds nothing, it's just passing by

It just blows like the breeze, slightly moving shit around
It's not easy to see, sometimes there's not a sound
'til one morning you find that it's you that's been found
by someone who hopes that it's time
Track Name: Trilliums
When the sun is hidden behind storm clouds, dear
unexpected dreary mornings we may find
We may never know just when or where the lightning will strike
but what good is it to worry, wasting time

Oh, I know you'll touch my neck when you wake up, dear
I've been longing for it since I went to sleep
All the nightmares that pass through my cloudy head in the darkness of the night
are but forgotten when you lay your hand on me

Trilliums take such a long time to grow
You don't see anything for a year
But when the time is right, they'll spread like wild
open their eyes like a newborn child
and the hillsides will be petals of white

When the storms inside your head soak you to the bone
and you can't find the time to dry yourself out
I can't reach inside your head but I can hold you close to me
'til the rain stops pouring from the clouds

Now listen, I'm not afraid of getting poured on
I find myself stuck in my own storms quite a bit
But when the sun comes out, I'll still be here right by your side
and I'll love you like I've loved you this whole time
Track Name: Seasons Just Change
Three years they turned into six months
and how do they end in a day while the seasons just change
Spring to Fall
Now all I can do is to fall

The words found the meaning they'd meant all along
When they flowed they were written, nothing that is makes them wrong
But oh,
how I wish it was right

Of all the things that I have done
and everything I've never figured out
this leaves me to stand with my eyes to the ground
wishing I'd seen another route
Where did I go wrong?

So a thousand miles I'll travel, it won't be the first
With my heart filled with sorrow and likely to burst
My new shoes
won't make me sing today

But in the miles that I pass through, the time that we take
I won't ever regret you, you aren't a mistake
You're my love
You're with me wherever I go
Track Name: Off To Sea
One more week 'til I crawl home again, right back from where I came
I'd hoped to put some thousand miles between us in my pain
But circumstance has bound me, I've been called back to my home
I tried to run but it's no use this time, I know I can not go
So I'm bracing myself for the winter I must trudge through once again
You just can't say where you'll end up or where anything will end

It just appears
and then you make a choice
Everything will change
It's not something you can avoid

Oh, how I'd love to change my address and to start another life
I know it's childish and so foolish but I'm just so prone to flight
Now I've admitted it and I must stay, continue what is here
All the things I love are covered in the memories I fear
But I must write another chapter, show my story isn't done
As pitiful as it may be now, there's still more to come

So here I am
on my way home again
Some say it's best
but still I feel I'm giving in

I'll just give it time
I'll carry on my way
Hope tomorrow
is brighter than today

And when I make my way back home again in just another week
just know that I'm still afloat in this river, I will make my way to sea